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Go Vegan! : An Easy Transition Into Veganism

So, you’re interested in the vegan lifestyle or the plant based diet but you aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you are thinking that you can’t possibly give up milk, cheese, yogurt, or meat? Maybe you feel really overwhelmed by the whole idea even though you want to do something good for yourself, for the […]

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Our First Year Vegan

Happy New Year Sprossians! Sorry for the long break in our blog posts, it’s been a pretty busy and crazy couple of months. However, for 2020, we have a plan that we will be posting a new blog post every other week, always on Fridays! So you can look forward to having some new, and […]

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Animal Abuse – What You May Not Know

Every 60 seconds, an animal gets abused. When we think of animal abuse, what are the first things that come to mind? I would be willing to bet that most people instantly think of examples such as the following:  Physical abuse against house pets (specifically dogs and cats) Dogs being left outside in the cold […]

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